Translator Scammers: CV Theft

There is currently a growing problem in our industry: CV thieves. These are people who contact random translators, telling them that they want to have “permission” to use the translator’s CV and market them to clients. Of course, they promise, any job they get with the CV will be assigned directly to the CV’s owner. That is a lie. In truth, what these scammers do is this:
They change the contact information and, sometimes, the name on the CV.
They contact potential clients as if they were the translator, using a fake email account.
Once they get a job, they deliver a lousy translation made via Google Translate to the client.
They take the payment and disappear from the face of the Earth.

If you encounter one of these scammers, it is very important to let others know about it. On the Translator Scammers Directory, you can find a list of emails these scammers use, a list of scams they run and several tips and trick for dealing with these thieves.

Don’t let anyone else use your CV. Be careful with information you post on websites like Proz and Translators Café. These scammers can ruin your good name and reputation!



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